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Conditions for transporting and evacuating vehicles

Autoliga transports vehicles in accordance with current Russian law.


Download contracts for evacuation and towing of cars

The time of delivery of the tow truck when ordering by the dispatcher is called tentatively, based on experience, current road conditions, weather conditions, and may not correspond to the actual. Clearance is carried out under the responsibility of the client
The Executor is not responsible for possible damage to the vehicles transported when loading/unloading on the Artist's car for reasons of poor location (ditch, garage, parking, etc.), design features of The Automotive Vehicle (small clearance, lack of a snout, etc.), for the technical condition of the emergency vehicles (possible further damage to parts and nodes damaged as a result of the accident) with advance warning of the customer's representative or client and his consent.

Discounts are given to discount holders of discount cards and participants in contractual relations with Autoliga LLC.