St. Petersburg, Prospekt Energetikov, 14

How to find us?

Phone: +7 (812) 326-00-00

Call center services for evacuation and taxi:
Available 24/7
Office hours and a STO:
Daily from 09:00 to 21:00

Address: Saint-Petersburg, etc. Power engineers d. 14 (STO "Autoliga")

How to get there: m. Ladozhskaya 82, 123, К-32, К-32, К-82, К-123, К-271, К-322, К-269

Autoliga - car rental, service, evacuation, taxi


foreztfriend on taxi services

Details of company OOO "Autoliga"

Ure. address: Saint-Petersburg, 195027, etc. Power engineers, House 14, lit. In the
INN 7806128986
PPC 780601001
ORGN 1027804176762 from 08.08.2002 g.

r/MF 40702810555410001395
in the North-WESTERN BANK PJSC «SBERBANK of RUSSIA», St. Petersburg
f/MF 30101810500000000653
BIK 044030653