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Wrecker services in Saint-Petersburg

Evacuation of cars and trucks, car shipping to Russia and Europe.

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If you are looking for tow truck services in St. Petersburg, then in the service of the evacuation and transportation of automobiles "Autoliga" are: 24-hour quality service, competitive prices, car transportation, skilled and courteous staff, the ability to carry almost any vehicle, whether a small passenger car, 25 ton truck or special equipment. Order tow truck in St. Petersburg by phone or via online-order directly from the site.


  • 24/7 work without breaks and days off
  • We have equipment for any occasion: tow truck, tow truck, tow truck for special equipment, indoor auto transporter
  • quickly serve a tow truck and quickly carry out transportation
  • We offer the lowest prices for car evacuation
  • evacuees and transport VEHICLE for St. Petersburg, Russia and Europe
  • possibility to order tow truck urgently in the near future or in advance


  • engaged in the transportation of more than 15 years
  • always come to the aid of motorists
  • carry out transportation on fixed prices
  • give discounts for regular customers
  • never carried out "forced evacuation"
  • payment of services is available for cash and cashless payments
  • prepare supporting documents
  • possibility to receive compensation for the services of a tow truck from the insurance company in case of evacuation from the scene

Whether you're a neat car enthusiast with long experience of driving or professional driver any category-you are never 100% protected from breakage of the car or getting into a car accident.After all, the laws of the road read-if not you, so you. If you caught the accident on the road-do not despair and call the experts of the company "Autoliga". Do not attempt to repair the car himself/herself on the road. Even domestic cars less susceptible to rapid repair, to say nothing about the modern machines, full electronics, and attempt to go to the place of repair alone can inflict even greater harm.

To solve problems quickly and efficiently, call a tow truck in St. Petersburg. Do not attempt to catch the Hitchhiker and go on a rope: without the experience to do it extremely hard, and keep in mind that nezavedennogo have car brakes don't work. Towing "to tie" vehicle with automatic transmission may lead to damage to the gearbox and consequent expensive repair.


Order manipulator Order manipulator

The manipulator is, in fact, a type of tow truck, equipped with a small crane, with which you can move the evacuated vehicle without touching the wheels. You can't do without a manipulator when it comes to eliminating accidents with such aggravating circumstances:

  • during the collision, the car fell on its side or overturned. You can return it to the right position only with the help of a manipulator - if you just push the car in the right direction, if you fall on the wheels it can get even more damage;
  • As a result of the accident, the wheels of the car are blocked. In this case, you can't roll the car on the platform;
  • the car is stuck in viscous soil or water. Attempts to use wheels during evacuation seelections in such cases can cause additional damage;
  • At the time of the accident, the car flew into a ditch;
  • during the accident, the car suffered serious damage (deformed hull, deformed wheel axles, and so on).


Order manipulator If we do not take into account the design and specifications, the tow truck and the manipulator differ in the following indicators:

  • manipulator faster. Regardless of the features of the breakdown and accident, the manipulator will cope with the elimination of its consequences faster. This is especially true when several vehicles need to be evacuated;
  • The manipulator is safer. The probability that the car will get additional damage during the evacuation with the help of a manipulator is almost zero. The fact is that in the process no part of the car will move;
  • manipulator is more expensive. As a rule, a manipulator call for a car costs one and a half to two times more than a tow truck call for a vehicle of the same type.