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Tow truck cars

When you need a passenger hauler, you need to understand which activities by specialized companies. So, first of all is determined by the location of cars, analyzes their condition. Further, the beaching runs those machines that are stuck, sunk or zasypannymi soil. Moreover, the machines are prepared for shipment, and then are transported to a place where they will be repaired, stored or shipped. Evacuation of the machines is performed using special units of this profile. It should be borne in mind that the driver of the damaged vehicle is responsible for its safety. He needed to participate in such proceedings as evacuation techniques, its protection and restoration.


In the process of pulling out stuck cars performed preparatory work: digging up, filling sand, gravel under the wheels of the car. Stuck cars are taken out with the help of winches truck car. If the tractor is not able to develop the necessary effort because of skidding the wheel, then you need to execute it. Today, tow cars is an integral part of all modern cities, where constant traffic, and a complex, full-bodied movement. It must be understood that the evacuation procedure machines is very labour-intensive. Can be used a variety of emergency equipment. Passenger hauler in St. Petersburg you can hire in our company. We have available cheap tow trucks for legovyh cars of any type. So, for example, tow trucks for cars can operate with a winch. Cars lift on tow truck of this type using the winch. These trucks are equipped with podkatnymi bogies (to evacuate cars with blocked wheels), incremental sloping platforms (for vehicles with low ground clearance), special straps to fasten. A similar passenger tow truck can be used to evacuate the vehicles with a different arrangement of a towing hook. In the jevakuatorah, equipped with a movable platform there is a winch electric or hydraulic type, which allows you to load vehicles of a certain mass.


Vehicle City 400 rub.
Vehicle for transportation of special machinery weighing 6 tons to 9 tons on the city of 1000 rub.
Loading/unloading-600 rub. (InterCity)

Unladen mass Exchange (in accordance with the registration document) + weight, overall length City, rub/hour The following 20 minutes, rub Intercity (40 km away from the KAD), rub/km
weight up to 1200 kg, length up to 5 m 1650 550 50
weight up to 2500 kg, length up to 5 m 1800 600 55
weight up to 3500 kg, length up to 5 m 2100 700 60
weight up to 4200 kg, length up to 6 m 2400 800 60
weight up to 6000 kg, length up to 6 m 2700 900 70
weight up to 9000 kg, length up to 6 m 3000 1000 80
Auto transporter of the closed type (tarp) (up to 5 tons) 3000 1000 Договор

Maximum carrying capacity of 9 tons

The first hour evacuation is paid in full, the following hours 20-minute tariffication. Evacuation time is calculated from the moment of arrival at the location you are calling a tow truck.

The mezhgorode regardless of the boot paid mileage at one end, if you were handling plus 600 rubles. The city boundary is determined by KAD

In special cases can be established contract price evacuation (with heavy loading conditions (ditch, off-road, etc.) for the carriage of suburbia in the suburbs, etc.)
Transportation is considered one way when transported vehicle is towing.

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