St. Petersburg, Prospekt Energetikov, 14

About Autoliga

Autoliga Group of Companies is an association of companies providing services related to road transport in St. Petersburg:

  • taxi company Mercedes-Benz taxi "Taxi Autoliga";
  • roadside assistance and car evacuation service "Autoliga evacuation";
  • car rental and rental company "Autoliga car rental";
  • post-warranty technical and service station "Service station Autoliga".

Service station "Autoliga"

Service station “Autoliga” has been operating in the automotive services market since 2001. During the work, the company has formed a strong customer base due to the high level of service, professionalism of employees and affordable prices.

The service center "Autoliga" provides high bandwidth and prompt customer service. No client will be left without our attention.

The entire cycle of work is carried out by highly qualified specialists. Carefully selected professionals who have worked in the automotive services industry for 10 to 15 years ensure the unquestionable quality of the work performed.

Car service equipment is made at the modern technical level, which allows for the maintenance and repair of cars quickly and reliably. At the same time, instruments and tools of leading world manufacturers are used. The equipment at the Autoliga service station is similar to the equipment installed at dealerships.

"Autoliga evacuation"

"Autoliga evacuation" offers the services of a tow truck and a car transporter. The evacuation service successfully operates in St. Petersburg, Russia, Europe and Finland. The company’s fleet includes only modern Mercedes-Benz tow trucks. For long-distance transportation and transportation of new cars, a closed-type transporter operates, ensuring the safety of the car from weather hardships and all kinds of external damage associated with transportation. If necessary, the client can use the service station around the clock guarded parking.

"Car rental Autoliga"

For the convenience of customers, both during repair and for everyone, the Autoliga company provides rental cars: VAZ 2105, VAZ 2114, VAZ Lada Granta, Daewoo Matiz, Daewoo Nexia, Volkswagen Polo Sedan, Volkswagen Passat, Skoda Fabia, Nissan Almera, Ford and Fiat cargo vans, Citroen Berlingo commercial vans. There are cars with automatic transmission and air conditioning.

"Taxi Autoliga"

"Taxi Autoliga" - in St. Petersburg, without exaggeration, knows the whole country and guests from Europe. The company is better known under the Mercedes Taxi brand. The park consists of Mercedes cars, including modern E - class models in 212 bodies.

For the convenience of customers, you can order a car without logos - without taxi signs.


Autoliga has been operating in the market of automobile services since 2001.

The main strategy and goal of the company is to provide quality services at a European level.

The Autoliga technical service station opened its doors for the first time in December 2001 at 14 Energetikov Ave. The goal of the service station was to service post-warranty cars of Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen brands.

In February 2002, the first Mercedes-Benz tow trucks arrived to service the service stations. In May 2003, the car evacuation department at the service station was transformed into a car evacuation service. Maintenance work has begun on the whole of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

In mid-2002, the first replacement vehicles appeared as well, which became the founders of the Autoliga car rental and rental department in order to improve the quality of customer service for the service station.

In December 2005, the taxi company Autoliga Taxi was opened. The first cars were Mercedes Benz in 210 and in 211 bodies.

Today the Autoliga group of companies is one of the largest motor transport enterprises in St. Petersburg.


We regularly monitor the quality of the services provided. If the customer has comments or suggestions, we take this very seriously and in the future we do so so that there would be no such comments. If you have a question, review, comment, suggestion - please leave a review on the site, via e-mail or just call us. We are open for dialogue with everyone.


We have always tried to offer only high-quality services, which are not ashamed to recommend to relatives and friends. Our clients include more than 100,000 motorists from St. Petersburg, Russia and the near abroad. Each client who has contacted us has his own story. We do not scream at every corner that we are the best, we try to prove it. We strive to solve the problems of people who contact us, and not create new ones. We hope to see you among our customers.