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Transportation and transport of cars in Russia and Europe by car carrier

Transportation and transport of cars by car carrier

Of course, the transportation of cars by car carrier today-a service that is very popular. It is impossible to imagine the life of any modern metropolis without such services. For the most part, the procedure of transportation by car is ordered when you need to move the car for relatively short distances. What is a car Transporter? This tractor, which has a trailer, specially equipped for the transportation of automotive equipment. Speaking about such a procedure as transportation of cars, which are the most safe and high-quality, we add that it is guaranteed and a significant economic benefit, when compared with other techniques for the transportation of equipment. It makes sense to consider what differences car carriers have, how cars can dive. In the trailer of the car carrier (taking into account certain design features) can accommodate more than a dozen cars, a slightly smaller number of vehicles of another type. The design of car carriers also differ. There are such variants of trailers as open, closed, one-storey or two-storey. A very common variant of this procedure, as the transportation of cars by car carrier, is an indoor car carrier, capable of carrying three cars at one time.


Reflecting on some of the advantages of this technique in comparison with other options, it is necessary to note the most key. In this case, the owner of the car can track the movement of his vehicle. Further, the transportation of cars the price of which is available, provides a high degree of safety. It is hidden from prying eyes. The advantages possessed by this technique of transportation equipment, should include high speed procedures. Specialized companies use only modern vehicles that guarantee the safety of the car. At the same time, the cost of transportation of the car is quite affordable for everyone. It is known that the transportation of cars by car is a very economical service, which can be compared with the cost of rail transport. In addition, transportation by this method can be carried out with the use of ferry services, with damage to the vehicle is the least likely. Such services of transportation of cars can be different in price, taking into account certain indicators. We are talking about the distance, the route, the cost of the car, the amount of transport, some other factors. Accordingly, to clarify the nuances that are relevant to such a procedure as the transportation of cars from St. Petersburg, you need to contact the employees of a specialized company that can help in solving this and other issues.

The cost of transporting and transporting vehicles in each case is determined individually and depends on several factors:

  • Number of cars in transport
  • Market value of transported vehicles
  • Distance of transportation
  • urgency of transporting cars
  • overheads (ferry, toll roads, number of drivers, customs clearance)
The carrier's responsibility for transporting expensive cars is insured.
The liability limit is $200,000.


Transportation and transport of cars by car carrier

Inexpensive transportation of cars by car. The company on transportation of cars in St. Petersburg will provide services of transportation of cars in the city and region in the market different types of tow vehicles are presented. Thus, a two-storey tow truck is a car capable of loading and transporting two cars at the same time, having different weights. Such equipment has a support frame necessary to increase the stability of the tow truck during the movement of the machine. This is necessary to ensure the safety of the machine located on the platform. The platform on which the transportation of cars by tow truck can be broken, thereby reducing the overall height, the center of gravity of the loaded evacuation transport, providing increased safety of movement. The vehicle drove onto the platform, use a pull-out ramps, plunging the car through specklebelly professional type. To simplify the loading of the car with low ground clearance, the tow truck of this type is equipped with additional retractable platforms – ramps. Thanks to them, evacuation is carried out faster, and the factor of the size of the ground clearance does not matter. Modern car transportation companies also use equipment with which at least three cars can be transported. Such a tow truck is a multifunctional vehicle. It has a platform of sliding or stationary type. In the case of a fixed platform, a tractor can be used as an independent evacuation equipment. To secure evacuated in the vehicles, use special devices – straps self-tightening action.

We look forward to seeing you among our customers and hope that you will entrust the transportation of your car to the Autoliga car evacuation service.

We can also use the services of a tow truck or a cargo tow truck.