St. Petersburg, Prospekt Energetikov, 14

Rates for the evacuation and transportation of cars and trucks

The time of delivery of the tow truck when ordering the dispatcher is called tentatively, based on experience, current road conditions, weather conditions, and may not correspond to the actual.

The car is served in the city for 400 rub.
Delivery of a car to transport special equipment weighing from 6 tons to 9 tons in the city 1000 rub.
Loading/unloading - 600 rub. (intercity)

You can calculate the estimated cost of the evacuation and submit an application online
This offer applies to the transportation of cars from the address to the address.
Weight without atS load (according to the registration document) - weight of cargo, size length City, rub/hour The next 20 minutes, rub Intercity (40 km from CAD), rub/km
weight up to 1200 kg, length up to 5m 1650 550 50
weight up to 2500 kg, length up to 5m 1800 600 55
weight up to 3500 kg, length up to 5m 2100 700 60
weight up to 4200 kg, length up to 6m 2400 800 60
weight up to 6000 kg, length up to 6m 2700 900 70
weight up to 9000 kg, length up to 6m 3000 1000 80
Closed-type truck (tent) (up to 5 tons) 3000 1000 Contract

Towing trucks through St. Petersburg

Towing a tractor, a van 4500 rub/hour
Towing a tractor with a trailer Contractual
Towing a special car, a bus 5500 rub/hour
False call 4000 rub/hour