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Transportation of special equipment in St. Petersburg

Evacuation of special equipment

Cargo special equipment is related to a variety of areas of life in modern cities, for this reason, the transportation of special equipment is also a very popular area of activity. In most cases, such special equipment is used in road and urban construction, the evacuation of special purpose equipment has some nuances. Large construction projects are impossible without such equipment that serves them as dump trucks, loaders, or trucks. With the help of this technique is not millet accelerates the procedure of transportation of building materials, the work itself is performed without loss of pace. As a rule, construction companies that exist at present, do not apply to the purchase of special-purpose equipment. To save money, companies choose the option of renting special equipment. In favor of such a proposal and says such an argument that the services of machinery are not very often. Of course, the lease will be a more logical option, due to the fact that the equipment downtime is excluded.


Note that any cargo vehicle needs care, as well as the implementation of regular wear checks to increase the life of the equipment. But everything breaks down, so the evacuation of equipment becomes necessary very often. The equipment is delivered to the repair shop, where the cause of failure of your special equipment will be found out. Modern evacuation techniques is all that you need to pick up or load the most severe variants of special techniques. There are tow trucks with GPS navigation systems, thanks to which you can find cars anywhere to perform transportation. Transportation of machinery in St. Petersburg-our specialization. Will help to evacuate automotive technicians tow truck cheap

PRICE ON transporting special equipment

Tow truck 1 hour of work Every next 20 minutes
Special. appliances weighing up to 2 tons 400 1650 550
Special. appliances weighing up to 4,5 tons 400 2100 700
Special. appliances weighing up to 6 tons 400 2400 800
Special. appliances weighing up to 8 tons 1000 3000 1000
Depending on the location, the cost of filing a tow truck can vary in a big way, these rates are applicable in the city and the surrounding suburbs. You can find out the cost of evacuating cars in Leningrad, Novgorod, Tverskaya, Pskov regions, Karelia and Finland from the specialists of the evacuation service by phone at 7 (812) 326-00-00. We work for you around the clock, without lunches and weekends.


Note that the evacuation of automotive equipment can be carried out in accordance with two different methods. Loading is carried out in whole or in part. The first option is more secure and reliable. This eliminates the likelihood that new equipment damage will appear during its transportation on a tow truck to the repair site. The full transportation technique allows you to carry out the transportation of equipment that is completely out of order, that is, it cannot move on its own. You can understand how the tow truck in its work differs from the technique for the evacuation of cars. At the same time, special training of specialists, other tools, and another indicator of the power of the tow truck are needed. If you decide to turn to a service such as transportation of special equipment in St. Petersburg, then it will be useful to know something about the evacuation rules. What is the general quality that evacuation of special equipment and cars has? They come to the rescue at any time, be it day or night. It will be important to analyze the assistance of companies that offer evacuation services related to special equipment, since in a force majeure situation there will be no time to choose a suitable contractor with reasonable prices. Study the information on the Internet that is relevant to the company that interests you. Analyze the quality of the evacuation equipment, which is part of the park of a specialized company, as well as how professional the employees of the company are. In modern tow trucks, manipulators, automatic winches, a set of strong cables, and other components necessary for work should be present.

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