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Taxi cost

Taxi service is popular in our time, and the cost of its provision varies in a variety of ways - from the time of the trip to the make of the car.

We are ready to take a taxi round the clock by phone in St. Petersburg +7 (812) 326-00-00 and inform the cost of the taxi ride at the time of order.

Additional customer expectation at the address, at the station or airport over the included 10 minutes is paid at the rate of 15 rub / min and 30 rub / min for S-class.

How much is a taxi order

The question of the cost of ordering a taxi was asked by anyone who has ever needed such services. In this case, you already have something to compare. Here are some criteria:

  • By car make. We offer luxury car brands;
  • Organize meetings as needed. We offer you this service if you need to meet your guest or business partner in an organized manner, but for some reason you cannot do this. The driver will arrive at the indicated address and wait at the barrier with a sign.

Passengers are transported by professional drivers who know the city and its surroundings. They can quickly deliver you to Pulkovo Airport even at night. We accept orders around the clock by calling +7 (812) 326-00-00 and inform you of the cost of departure at the time of your call. When ordering a taxi, prices also vary depending on the distance of the trip. 15% discount for customers who have completed more than 30 trips

How much is a taxi to the airport

Ordering a taxi to Pulkovo Airport can be done on our website or by phone. The price will not change. The order will be accepted promptly. But for our customers there is another action that will allow you to pay for a taxi cheaper - this is the Autoliga discount system. Since 2012, the Autoliga unified discount system has had two cards - blue and gold. A blue discount card offers a 5% discount on Mercedes taxis. With a gold card you will receive a 15% discount on the order of our taxi.