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Rent a car for a wedding in St. Petersburg

Mercedes Taxi company offers rental with a driver of the best cars for the organization of wedding celebrations in St. Petersburg.

Planning to hold a magnificent wedding, the newlyweds and guests will be very useful to use the services of car rental for the wedding. Agree, a motorcade of Mercedes cars will be an exquisite addition to your celebration. Your wedding can take place on Furshtatskaya, on the promenade des Anglais or on the Gulf of Finland – we can deliver a car for you anywhere.

Mercedes taxi offers vehicles for weddings of the following classes:

  • S-class sedans
  • E-class sedans
  • And Viano minibuses.

Friends, if you have a wedding, a festive event and you are thinking about where to rent a luxury car. Rent a Mercedes E, S class and (or) Mercedes Viano minivan with 6 seats for your guests, call, order (812) 326-00-00. We work for you around the clock for cash and bank transfer.

The machine can be either white or black in your choice. We offer you a car rental with a driver for a St. Petersburg wedding quickly and conveniently by placing an order on the website or by calling (812) 326-00-00. The dispatcher will answer all your questions in detail about the conditions and prices of cars for weddings. For such cases, we serve only the best machines.

Wedding car with driver

For greater convenience and comfort, we offer you a car rental for a wedding with a driver. Our company works with each client until he is satisfied. Our cars are provided in perfect condition, with a clean, beautiful interior. There are a number of advantages of renting a car with a driver, which are worth considering when ordering a wedding procession:

  • The car is served by the driver without delay. So on this special date for you, you don’t have to worry about delays and traffic jams. An experienced driver can avoid this.
  • Our drivers know the city well and navigate it. He will be able to deliver you wherever you need, as quickly as possible. You will not need to look for a reliable person who agrees to be a driver at your wedding. The company provides such services, and they will be included in the total cost of your rental.

Our company has discounts and promotions. There are two cards in the single Autoliga discount system - blue and gold. A blue discount card provides a 5% discount on the trip. With a gold card you will receive a 15% discount on the order of any of the machines. Both are owned by Autoliga Group of Companies. Lost cards are not restored.