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Corporate clients

This section is designed for companies and, of course, for the heads up with a progressive view on the successful development of the company. We appreciate your time and money, therefore we suggest you consider joint mutually beneficial cooperation.

Of course, every sane Manager or the owner of the small, medium, big business always weighs the pros and cons of the different options proposed in the market, including the market for transport services. Especially today during a difficult economic situation, rational approach to expenditure as never justified.

Compare for example the different options/services

Service for cash as fiz. person Contract
Freedom of choice of transport companies Service in selected Transport companies (location)
Payment by cash/payment card Possibility of payment once a billing period upon receipt of services
Standard cost for individuals Fixed price travel / corporate discount-%
- Contract manager/priorities filing machines before Nat. persons»
- Always know where to turn for any questions
You always have to have the money possibility to reserve a car by bank transfer
In an emergency, provided himself There is always a phone number, communications, the ability to order a car rental by bank transfer
Often do not know where to complain, the wishes of the bureaucracy when dealing with such issues U Ure. Person there is a quality control service.

Summing up the above, enclosing the corporate contract, between your organization and our Organization, you get the following benefits:


  • the fixed discount% on all transport services.
  • optimization of costs, depending on the system of taxation, payment on the fact of providing services


  • Partners always know where to turn in case of need, we have a Partner for your convenience 24-hour dispatch service
  • Supervision of "personal Manager" that will quickly solve any issues related to transportation
  • "Assistance" - If you need assistance in solving any issues related to the planning, logistics, by conveying, in Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad region, Russia, Europe, (including Finland) professionally, quickly, efficiently!
  • Flexible individual approach to each client

Convenience and comfort

  • We work for you in Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad region, Russia, Europe, (including Finland) professionally, quickly, efficiently, comfortably
  • Private dispatch service works for you 24 hours a day with a multi-channel phone number. Specially trained dispatcher will answer a call/email and solve all your logistics and transportation issues
  • Own fleet, consisting of cars Mercedes S, e-class, Mercedes Viano minivan Viano (6 seats)
  • SMS informing about the time machine, a nice complement the comfortable journey to the destination
  • Possibility of payment for travel cash, cashless payments, has fallen down on the map
  • Our own quality control services» 365/24/7
  • An opportunity to meet with a sign in Pulkovo airport, railway stations, in hotels
  • The ability to simultaneously submit a few cars
  • Opportunity to file not brendovannyj / toned Mercedes
  • The possibility to file a car with CRS (child restraint system) / armchair
  • The ability to apply specialized transport for gentle transport of disabled persons in wheelchairs (10 +1)
  • Possibility to order a Mercedes for rent
  • Quick pick-up at the specified address (large car park)
  • Ability to travel to other cities and countries
  • "Draft Treaty" can be found here.

Our company will be glad to new permanent partners / clients, new cooperation!

For further information you can contact: / phone +7(905) 230-06-54 - order, rental, hire driverless car (cars, trucks, vans, foreign cars) under the Contract / for Corporate clients / cash / non-cash - long-term relationship / phone +7(812) 326-00-00 - order, rental, rental car without a driver (cars, trucks, vans, foreign cars) for cash