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Driving a car from Finland. How to drive a car from Finland? We know how to drive a car from Finland

If you are wondering how to drive a car from Finland, contact our company. We offer the most profitable option for delivering your car to Russia in a short time. Our fleet has more than 30 vehicles for loading and transporting a wide variety of vehicles. So, how to drive a car from Finland? Call the Auto League, we will send a tow truck. When crossing the border, the customs clearance of the tow truck takes place in the queue of cars and trucks. This allows you to deliver cars as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that for trucks and cars, as a rule, you need to pay customs duty. Rumors that residents of St. Petersburg once a year may drive a car from Finland without customs clearance is not true.

Driving a car from Finland

The cost of a Finnish tow truck and overseas car repair is much more expensive than in Russia. This is evidenced even by the price of Auto League services. And the quality of our service always remains high. But, having ordered a tow truck in our company, the owner of the car still remains responsible for its safety, so he should be nearby and take part in the evacuation, protection and shipment of equipment.
Typically, driving a car with a tow truck is necessary in those cases when it is stuck, sank or covered with soil. Then transportation to the territory of another country occurs for further storage and repair of cars. Stuck cars are pulled out using special winches of towing vehicles. They are pre-fixed and loaded onto a truck. The prices for the transportation of your car can be found on the website or by calling. Autoliga is mobility, speed and reliability in any situation.

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