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Features car rental in St. Petersburg

Car rental development

In Russia, the car rental market was formed at the beginning of the last century. This story is quite interesting. 20 years ago it was hard to imagine that we would have the opportunity to rent the car of our dreams in a few minutes - limousine, convertible, Mercedes… And in the west it did not seem surprising. It is believed that the first rented car - Ford, taken from a certain Joe Saunders, in the US state of Nebraska. The tenant was in a hurry to date the girl and decided to use the service of Saunders, who, after this story, founded his own business. It was back in 1916. The business has developed rapidly. In the 20s, the first competitors appeared on the market. In the 30s, there were already more cars, the park was expanding. Great success, both at that time and now, was enjoyed by car rental services near train stations and airports. And after the Second World War, competition increased significantly, and the number of customers grew along with the improvement of the well-being of Europeans. Over time, the car rental business has come to our country. And, despite the fact that here he is relatively young, his development does not stop. More and more people can afford not only renting a car with a driver, that is, in fact, take a taxi, but also get behind the wheel of a good car. Today you can choose absolutely any car - for every taste and budget.

Rental cost

Today, the cost of renting in St. Petersburg depends on several factors: on the type of car, on the duration of the rental, on how carefully you behave on the road, that is, whether you get into an accident. But it is believed that renting a car is expensive and unprofitable. Especially if you have friends whom you can ask for a ride. But there are some tricks that will save on car rental. First, book your vehicle a few weeks or even months before a scheduled event. Secondly, do not include in the rental agreement all friends who have a driver’s license. It is much more profitable when only one person has the right to drive. By the way, you can take a car with a driver. True, it is worth counting that, in this case, the rental will be somewhat more expensive. It will be especially beneficial for business people to use this service to perform work when their own car has got into an accident. And also if you need a car to meet the delegation from the airport, when you need to create the image of the company. Car rental is useful when organizing weddings, and this is perhaps the most common reason to turn to this service. A wedding is always expensive, but if you plan ahead, car rental can cost two, or even three times cheaper. Also, car rental will be needed for those who like to travel in a large company. You can order a bus for 8-12 seats. Sometimes it is more profitable for tourists to rent a car to get to the Northern capital. Then you don’t have to spend extra time and money and you will have the opportunity to enjoy all the sights with pleasure.

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