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Is it possible to rent a car in St. Petersburg cheaply, without collateral?

Is it possible to rent a car in St. Petersburg cheaply, without collateral?

Car rental without Deposit

What do you expect when you plan to rent a car? Of course, favorable rental conditions. Choosing a car of the right level and configuration, you want to pay as little as possible. Therefore, customers often ask the car rental company if it is possible to rent a car without a deposit. Can. But first, let's figure out what it means to rent a car with a deposit. Usually this implies a standard procedure for paying not only the rental of the car itself, but also making a substantial amount of the security deposit. Of course, this is not always and is not convenient for everyone. But not every company can afford to rent a car without a deposit. However, there are those who do this. Such a service is in demand for tourists who come to the Northern capital on vacation and do not want to spend extra money, for business people who have several loans and mortgages, who also do not want to waste money, and for many others. For corporate customers, some companies have flexible car rental programs without collateral:

When servicing customers with a fleet of 3 cars, car rental without a deposit is mandatory, which is obligatory paid by private individuals;

Management and maintenance of the customer’s car fleet, dispatching services;

A special range of transport services focused on the business needs of customer firms;

Rent a car with a wide choice: from VW, Ford, Mercedes до KIA, Hunday, Honda;

Possibility of placing advertising media of clients at no cost. Rental conditions Typically, rental conditions can be found on the website, where cars are presented to choose from inexpensive, but convenient foreign cars to luxury premium models.

The conditions for car rental in St. Petersburg without collateral are as follows:

  • Use of a car in the city and the Leningrad region,
  • Returning the car in the same condition as it was issued: with a clean interior and a full tank of gasoline,
  • Permanent registration in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region,
  • Driving experience and the age of the driver is limited depending on the class of the car - the higher the class, the more,
  • It is possible to rent from one to several days and months,
  • Regular customers are given discounts and special rates.

These conditions may vary and vary depending on the policy of the company in which you order the car. There are also several documents for car rental:

  1. Passport,
  2. Driver's license,
  3. And another identification document: TIN, passport or documents for a personal car.

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